Food Safe Lighting for Grocery Display


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Food Safety and Display Case Lighting

Low Radiation Balanced Spectrum Lighting is Food Safe

PROMOLUX Lighting International makes specialized lighting for food display cases, combining the merchandising advantage of superior color rendering with benefits of improved safety for foods displayed under lights.

Be certain that the commercial display lighting installed in your retail displays is not creating hot spots or raising the surface temperatures of food products above safe storage temperatures -- which should always be held at a temperature of 41 degrees F or lower.

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Safe Spectrum lighting by PROMOLUX helps increase food safety by producing less warming of surface temperatures on refrigerated food products.

Food safety is on the mind of today's supermarket shoppers who know that perishable foods containing meat, eggs, dairy products, poultry, fish, shellfish, and other ingredients promote rapid bacterial growth at temperatures above 41 degrees F. Contaminated ground beef particularly has been the source of highly publicized e-coli outbreaks that end up costing thousands for legal fees, discarded food products, perhaps medical claims.

The negative publicity of an outbreak of food borne illness is the last thing a food store wants. In order to avoid the expense of an outbreak, a retail operator must have an effective food safety program in place and well trained staff who follow company policy when handling foods. Even produce and certain baked goods must be properly handled and displayed to reduce the potential for consumer food poisoning.

The PROMOLUX advantage is clear:

  • food safe lighting for the retail food industry
  • profitable - attract sales and extend shelf life
  • simply spectacular commercial food lighting.

PROMOLUX specialty lamps were designed specifically for lighting food displays to provide the best illumination possible with minimal heat and UV radiation damage. PROMOLUX Safe Spectrum lamps increasingly play an indispensible role in supermarket food safety programs. Installing PROMOLUX Safe Spectrum lighting alleviates problems of unnecessary bacterial growth arising from excessive ultraviolet radiation and heat. Warm display conditions accelerate bacterial growth and increase risks of food poisoning.


PROMOLUX helps extend shelf life and improve product quality including with better maintenance of nutritional integrity and flavor.

Damage to food surfaces can be caused by physical heat radiated by infrared wavelengths from commercial display lighting, and by the high glare wavelengths of the visible spectrum that create chemical reactions with food, oxidizing it and accelerating bacterial growth and can promote the development of harmful and poisonous substances.


Food marketing applications for PROMOLUX Safe Spectrum lamps include fresh meat and seafood displays, bakery and dairy displays, deli and food service displays, produce and floral displays, and beverage displays.

PROMOLUX Safe Spectrum is a patented line of specialty lamps designed specifically for the retail food industry. Supermarket fluourescent lighting is often a source of unwanted heat and harsh illumination. Increase your confidence in food safety in the grocery department with PROMOLUX lighting.

Perishable foods displayed under commercial lighting in display cases always suffer damage with prolonged exposure to the effects of heat and light radiation, caused by infrared and ultraviolet rays. Strong yellow and green portions of the visible spectrum are also damaging to food surfaces and degrade both food flavors and appearance.


The technology built into Safe Spectrum lamps is a proprietary phosphor coating that produces a natural, balanced light and filters out damaging ultraviolet, infrared and visible spectrum wavelengths and results in improved food safety, reduced rates of spoilage, and a visually attractive presentation.

Independent laboratory tests conducted at the University of Zaragoza have shown that refrigerated food products displayed under PROMOLUX lighting maintain lower surface temperatures and suffer less heat and radiation damage. Lower levels of pathogen growth mean that fresh foods are safer and have a longer shelf life.


Achieving spectacular visual presentions and extending the shelf life of fresh foods are both critical issues for retailers who rely upon high quality fresh and refrigerated food displays to attract retail sales. PROMOLUX balanced spectrum technology assures that natural colors remain true and make PROMOLUX display case lamps the perfect lighting choice for the food industry.

PROMOLUX full balanced spectrum lamps alleviate showcase lighting problems associated with excessive ultraviolet radiation and heat. PROMOLUX food safe lighting emits lower levels of UV radiation and heat than other commercial lighting commonly found in retail stores, and their

PROMOLUX Safe Spectrum lamps are designed to illuminate food displays with a minimum of heat and UV radiation damage.

The rate of bacterial growth on meats and vegetables is directly related to the food's surface temperature. General purpose lamps used for display case lighting can raise the surface temperature of food by ten degrees or more, even when the food is in refrigerated display cabinets.

UV radiation and visible spectrum radiation from the yellow wavelengths penetrate refrigerated merchandisers and are absorbed by the food as heat. After a few hours, the bacteria can multiply exponentially and foods can become unsafe for human consumption, even when taste and appearance remain normal.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Food Safety

A greenhouse effect can occur when foods are covered with a transparent polyvinyl wrapping, when meats and fresh produce are enclosed in modified atmosphere packaging. Visible spectrum light and ultraviolet radiation from display lighting penetrate the transparent film, raising the temperature of the food and often causing condensation within the package as moisture is drawn out of the food.

MAP packaging helps maintain the quality of fresh foods and high tech materials can extend the shelf life of fresh fruits, salad greens and stir fry mixes. However, the maximum benefits of investing in MAP packaging can be felt only when the products are maintained within a specific range of temperatures.

Read m ore information about MAP and PROMOLUX food safe lamps.

Fresh Meat Safety

The surface temperature of fresh meat is often 18°F/10°C higher than the temperature of the air in the refrigerated display case, and can fluctuate as much as 36°F/20°C higher. At these raised temperatures, bacteria grow exponentially, which speeds up the discoloration process that turns fresh beef and other red meats brown, and leads to the decomposition of the meat.

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Seafood Safety

Food poisoning can result from temperature-sensitive foods that are temperature abused. For example, foods containing seafood can become spoiled if the surface temperature of the seafood is only two degrees higher than the ideal 29°F/-1.6°C. In unrefrigerated display cases, fish fillets stacked on icebeds can have a 25°F/14°C variation in temperature, with the fillets at the top of the stack as warm as room temperature.

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Delicatessen Food Safety

Food pathogens may multiply in deli salads containing mayonnaise and creams when they are exposed to the heat of inappropriate display case lighting. Herbs and spices that are included in deli salads or processed meats absorb light radiation which accelerates bacterial growth and the decomposition process.

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Produce Food Safety & Potato Greening

Under display case lighting, potatoes turn green. Light can also accelerate the production of solanine, a poisonous enzyme found in potatoes, peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes.

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Dairy Food Safety

Dairy products turn rancid when exposed to light and will develop off-flavors even when packaged in cardboard containers if they are exposed for lengthy periods of time. In these chemical reactions, several vitamins are destroyed.

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Beer & Wine Skunking

Chemical reactions will also occur in beer, wine, and fruit juice when these beverages are exposed to UV radiation from light sources. These reactions create chemical compounds that make the beverage taste and smell skunky.

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